Images Resembling Movie Scenes From Wuhan Disinfected With Trucks


Disinfection processes continue in cities under the quarantine, especially Wuhan, due to the Corona virus. In the new images published, it seems that the streets of the city are disinfected with trucks and motorcycles.

Due to the Corona virus, 15 cities in China are still under quarantine. About 50 million people live in quarantine in the province of Hubei, including the city of Wuhan. In addition to treating the corona virus in these cities, the Chinese administration is also working to prevent the spread of the virus.

New images shared from the Twitter account of People‚Äôs Daily, one of China’s state newspapers, show their disinfection in cities under quarantine. He is trying to remove the streets of the city from the virus with the giant disinfectant sprayers placed behind the trucks in the videos shot in Wuhan. Trucks spraying disinfectants emit a white mist around them.

In the video shared from the Twitter account of Global Times, another state newspaper belonging to China, it is seen that the smaller streets and parks of the city, which is also quarantine gold, are disinfected with a disinfectant sprayer placed on the motorcycle.

No official statement from China has been made about the content of the disinfectant substance sprayed by Wuhan streets and streets. A report by Business Insider stated that the disinfectant may be a low concentration of bleach and water solution.

The disinfection study in the cities under quarantine is applied to prevent the spread of the virus determined to be spread by air. Experts explained that the constant cleaning of the surfaces in the hospital and marketplace may also prevent the spread of the corona virus.

It is stated that in China, where approximately 50 million people are quarantined, there are more than 42,000 people who have caught the corona virus and 978 people have died due to the virus. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, approximately 43,000 people worldwide have been affected by the corona virus and 1,018 people have died due to the virus.

Images from disinfection with trucks and motorcycles in Wuhan:


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