Images Reminiscent of Wuhan from the Corona Virus Quarantine Zone in Italy


When we talk about corona virus and quarantine, we usually think of Wuhan city of China. However, quarantine zones were created in Italy due to the corona virus. A family in one of the quarantined towns in Italy because of the Corona virus told their lives under quarantine.

Due to the Corona virus, Italy has quarantined an area where about 50,000 people live. San Fiorano, one of the quarantined towns, is 70 km from Milan, the financial capital of Italy. Along with San Fiorano, nine more neighboring towns are under quarantine.

Marzio Toniolo is a teacher at San Fiorano. But Toniolo is now struggling with quarantine and virus threats, just like other residents of the town. Toniolo says that the shops and bars are closed in the town, and people leave a safe distance to talk to each other.

Speaking to Reuters, Marzio Toniolo said, “We can walk, we can take our dogs for a walk, we can run, we can ride a bike. However, the officials suggested that we avoid contact with other people. ”

Police control points were set up at the entrance and exit of the town. Nobody can leave or enter town without a major reason. Trying to escape the quarantine zone is sentenced to three months’ imprisonment or a fine of 206 euros.

Marzio Toniolo’s wife, Chiara Zuddas, says she has set up a WhatsApp group to continue communicating with her students. Zuddas says he opened the WhatsApp group not to attend classes but to maintain human relationships.

They regularly measure their body temperature with a thermometer to see if their family members are affected by the corona virus. “We know that we may be infected or that we may have already been affected by the corona virus,” said Toniolo.

Marzio Toniolo and her family are counting days for the quarantine declared due to the corona virus to end. But on the one hand, they are concerned about the people around them who have the corona virus. Toniolo said, “I hope everything will be fine. I have friends who have the corona virus these days, they feel good. They told me not to worry. ”


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