Images of the Meta Quest Pro VR headset have leaked to the network


It looks like an early engineering sample of the upcoming Meta Quest Pro VR headset has been in the wild for some time after the developer apparently accidentally left the device at the hotel they were staying at. This curious series of events took place just a month before the upcoming Meta VR event, which is scheduled for October 11, which suggests that Quest Pro may become the flagship product there.

Designed for professional users and enthusiasts of high-end games, this Meta Oculus Quest VR headset should represent the pinnacle of the company’s achievements in this niche. The aforementioned Quest Pro engineering sample was discovered by hotel employee Ramiro Cardenas, who quickly unpacked the device before the developer could pick it up.

According to the video of Cardenas unpacking the device, which was originally posted on Facebook and then uploaded to Reddit, Quest Pro comes with 256 GB of internal memory by default, has three front-facing cameras and generally looks like it was depicted on the earliest leaked renderings. Being an expensive high-end device with a niche audience, it remains to be seen whether the launch of Meta Quest Pro will affect Facebook’s $3 billion in losses from virtual reality development, but the company will probably use its research and development in the coming years to compensate for these losses. potentially less problematic than they might seem at first glance.

After Quest Pro renderings were leaked in 2021, there was little news about Meta’s upcoming flagship VR headset, except that its release is scheduled for October 2022. The fact that these headsets have already appeared and are supposedly being actively used and tested can certainly be interpreted as an additional confirmation of this announcement, emphasizing Meta’s intention to occupy an enterprise-oriented virtual reality niche as quickly as possible.

Although Quest Pro is primarily intended for professionals and corporate users, all games presented at the Meta Quest exhibition in April will still be available for play. Apparently, it will compete in a completely different category than Quest and Quest 2, and should be closer to similar (now obsolete) fully equipped Valve Index VR platforms.

With this in mind, it’s also worth noting that lower-level Meta virtual reality headsets aren’t exactly cheap either. In fact, Meta Quest 2 received a price increase earlier this year, which really upset the community. Now the headset costs $499.99, and this change is likely to affect the initial recommended retail price of the Quest Pro. Details are likely to be announced during the October event, but it’s safe to say that it won’t be affordable.


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