Images of release version of AC Valhalla leaked!


There are 7 days left until the game’s release and the images of the Valhalla release version were leaked by a user. The game is played on Xbox Series X and the graphics look pretty good. Also, the game runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox Series X.

Allegedly quite a lot of micropayments in Valhalla

It was inevitable that such a leak would occur shortly before the release of the game. Although the images were shared on YouTube, they were removed in a short time. Some links posted on Reddit are broken. Gameplay videos on YouTube are also removed in a short time. Since Google Drive links have also reached the sharing limit, these snapshots are not available. But there are a few screenshots.

Valhalla çıkış sürümüne ait görüntüler

YouTube user named Papigfunk receives a boxed version of Valhalla yesterday. The boxed version is exclusive to Xbox Series X and shares it with his followers with a short video. I think YouTuber who shot the gameplay series for Valhalla leaks some of these videos. There is no clear information about how the leak occurred. In addition, the game’s Metacritic notes have also started to be entered by some players and the current user score is 6.3.

Players who had the game before and finished the game, expressed some problems on the Metacritic page of the game. Players who play the game for a long time claim that Valhalla forces you to pay micropayments. Metacritic user named kfusion says, “The game is full of micropayments. Finishing the game is really a chore and every time you open the menu, even some loading screens give you an XP boost or stupidly legendary items. Although they sell the game on SEVEN different platforms, it surprises me that they fill the game with micropayments. Ubisoft, you should be ashamed! ” He made a comment.

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Other players who have been playing the game for a long time have the same opinion about micropayments. Another Metacritic user named azazel709 said Valhalla was blocked after 20 hours. The game reaches such a point at the end of 20 hours that you have to take these micro payments and if you do not, it becomes boring. The intent of the user in this comment states that even if you do not make micro payments, you can continue the game in a boring way, but the pace of the game is slowing. I hope that Ubisoft will take a good step with micro payments, many players who experience the game without leaving the game are uncomfortable with this issue and this number will gradually increase after the game is released.


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