Images of the Extremely Rare Nissan GT-R 50 (Video)


One of the very rare cars, the Nissan GT-R has been made stronger by ItalDesign. The vehicle was viewed on a track in Italy. You can reach the impressive images from our news.

There are some cars found in movies, series and games that almost become legends. Nissan GT-R, which we are familiar with street racing movies and Gran Turismo games, is one of these legendary vehicles. If you’ve seen the car in these movies or games we’ve mentioned before, you know more or less what it can do. The extremely rare GT-R 50, reconstructed by ItalDesign, takes the vehicle’s capacity to the next level.

GT-R, which is a legend in itself, takes on a completely different structure with the touch of ItalDesign. The GT-R 50’s unique structure, combined with the Italian design, came across the cameras. This special model, displayed on the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Italy, has managed to impress the viewers. Let’s take a look at those images without further ado.

Astonishing images of the Nissan GT-R 50 By ItalDesign:

To mention a bit of the GT-R 50, this vehicle is even more powerful than the GT-R Nismo. The power of the Nissan GT-R 50; it owes turbo compressors, larger fuel injectors, better cooling and many other minor details. The beast, which includes all these features, offers 710 horsepower.

It is not difficult to guess the sound of such a powerful vehicle. It was at this point that the gearbox, axle and differential connected to it had to be upgraded to deal with these extra loud sounds. ItalDesign, which has successfully taken off all these tasks, has not forgotten to add Brembo brakes and Bilstein DampTronic I damping system to the vehicle.

Although the future of GT-R is uncertain now, it is claimed that this unique model, which will be produced only 50, is a good start. It is worth noting that if Nissan sets out a new car based on this model, it will be admired by many car enthusiasts.


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