Images claiming to be advertising on lock screen of Samsung One UI 2.5 came out


Screenshots claiming that Samsung’s new user interface, One UI 2.5, will show ads on the lock screen recently, have been shared on social media networks. The reviews revealed that the shared images were prepared in photoshop in response to another advertising move by Samsung.

Samsung will release its next-generation interface One UI 2.5 a few months later. The One UI 2.5 is expected to be introduced at the launch, which is expected to take place on August 5, when the Galaxy Note 20 will be introduced. However, discussions about the new interface prevent the features it will bring.

A screenshot that appeared on social media platforms recently and allegedly belonging to the One UI 2.5, had an annoying detail on the Samsung smartphone users.

The screenshot of the One UI 2.5 allegedly from the lock screen was as follows

An ad was appearing in the screenshot that allegedly belonged to the lock screen of the One UI 2.5. It was seen that the ad would take 15 seconds at the bottom of the ad, which is located in the middle of the lock screen of the One UI 2.5. Allegations claimed that users could unlock the phone only after this 15 second period.

After the emergence of screenshots, Samsung users in many social media networks and forums have put Samsung in the shower of criticism. However, the investigations revealed that the screenshots were fake.

The review of SamMobile editors has made it clear that the screenshots are fake. SamMobile also shared a story behind the images with people by publishing news on the subject.

Samsung recently started advertising in South Korea on the Weather app. Samsung’s new advertising application was of course responded by users. Many people criticized Samsung for the advertisements shown.

A Samsung phone user has created a fake screenshot in response to this app from Samsung. This fake screen suddenly went viral, and Samsung was again the target of criticism arrows on the subject.

Lock screen image of One UI 2.5 appeared fake, but Samsung’s ad problem persists

With the understanding that One UI 2.5 will not show ads on the lock screen, ads in Samsung’s current interface continue to annoy Samsung users. Ads appear in many apps of the current interface, including Music, Weather, Galaxy Apps, Bixby, Samsung Health and Samsung Pay. Beside the ads seen in the applications, Samsung advertises other Samsung products with notifications.

Advertising on entry-level and mid-segment phones is seen as the company’s effort to increase low profits. However, the fact that the advertisement is seen in the flagship series causes serious criticism towards Samsung.


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