Image Showing the Terrible Results of Putting Feet on Torpedo in the Journey


Long car trips can be exhausting at times. Passengers can sit in different ways to feel a little comfortable during such journeys. Now we will tell you about the terrible event that you can experience if you sit with your feet resting on the torpedo.

In today’s conditions, cars are considered a need rather than luxury. Consumers can use their vehicles for both personal and business purposes. Many people even like to go on long trips with their cars. The increase in the number of vehicles and the number of careless drivers in parallel brings traffic accidents with it.

The importance of seat belts and airbags in traffic accidents has already been known for many years. However, other than that, taking some precautions can determine the severity of the injuries you may get in any accident. This precaution is how you sit inside the vehicle. Especially those sitting in the front passenger seat should really pay attention to how they sit in the vehicle.

We will share with you an image of how you should not sit in the car. Then we will talk about how severe injuries you can get in a traffic accident if you sit this way. Namely; you may be putting your feet on the top of the torpedo from time to time, especially if you are sitting in the front seat. This can cause serious problems, even in a minor traffic accident.

Here is the position you should not sit in the car
At first glance, this seating style may not seem very wrong. However, sitting in this way can cause major problems, especially in air-cushion vehicles. Because the airbags can be deployed even during a minor accident. This causes serious injury if you sit down, as you can see in the photo above.

Now, we will give you x-ray images of a casualty who had a slight traffic accident while sitting just above. While other people in the vehicle survived the same accident with slight abrasions and minor fractures, the victim was injured many times more severely than other passengers. The image that we will transfer to you shortly will make you think once again while putting your feet on the torpedo.

Here is the x-ray image of that victim
The image above clearly shows how a young girl was seriously injured while the airbags were deployed. The young girl who travels by putting her feet on the torpedo cannot pull her legs when the airbags are deployed and fractures occur in the hip bone under the influence of the current pressure. Moreover, how far from where a bone should be is can be clearly seen in the image above.

This image is a clear indication of why you should not be able to rest your feet on a torpedo. Because airbags deploy in less than a second in a possible traffic accident. You don’t have much time to save yourself new ones.


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