“I’m still young, but I loved …” — Billie Eilish once told about her thoughts about growing up


Among the celebrities who have reached unfathomable heights of popularity and success at a young age, Billy Eilish challenges the brightest. At the age of sixteen, the American singer managed to top 15 world charts with the song Don’t Smile at Me. Then came her first studio album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? which included the song Bad Guy, which can rightly be called the leitmotif of 2019.

Eilish has gained popularity not only because of her music, but also because of her fashion and online activity. Many may not know, but Billy Eilish is not exactly an outsider in the world of show business. Singer Bad Guy is the daughter of actress Maggie Baird and actor Patrick O’Connell. Given the facts, Billy Eilish had an interesting time growing up.

What does Billy Eilish think about growing up?

When Eilish sang “A Careful Creature made friends with time, He left her alone with a diamond mind” in “Eyes of the Ocean” in her deep voice, the shocked audience did not expect that she would be fourteen. After the release of her commercially successful film “When we Fall Asleep, where do we Go?” album, Vanity Fair every year called on the 20-year-old singer to take a candid interview with them.

The first interview was taken in 2017. It’s crazy how much she has grown, not only in age, but also in scale. From being unable to walk away because she felt there were too many eyes on her, to finally feeling comfortable with fame and enjoying it.

In the fifth year of these interviews, Billie Eilish was asked if she considered herself fully grown up. This is a difficult question for a 20-year-old, but the Grammy-winning singer found the right words for him. Despite the fact that the journey made her hold her breath, she mostly enjoyed growing up.

Eilish said: “I’m still young, but I liked being a teenager.” It seems that most of us, even the singer who occupies the first place in the charts, were scared at the thought of growing up. But she said that although it was very scary, she enjoyed the freedom that comes with age. And right after that I went to hug my mom, who always supported her from behind the camera in all these interviews.


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