“I’m going to Dortmund!” – Steven Gerrard Wants Jude Bellingham to Move to Liverpool.


Speaking at Anfield ahead of Liverpool’s Premier League match with Chelsea on Saturday, Steven Gerrard personally urged the Reds to sign Jude Bellingham!

Gerrard, who was part of the BT Sport team covering the game at Anfield, was questioned this season about Liverpool’s problems in midfield.

When asked to identify a player he would like to see at the club to solve these problems, he spoke enthusiastically about Bellingham.

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder is considered the Reds’ main transfer target this year, and Gerrard said he would be happy to fly to Dortmund to discuss a transfer with him!

“All he has to do is send me his diary when he has a free day,” Gerrard joked.

“I will personally fly to Dortmund, invite him to a nice dinner, and we will talk about it!”

Gerrard went on to explain why he believes Bellingham is exactly the midfielder that Liverpool lack.

“After the World Cup, what is he doing in Dortmund. I’m a big fan of his anyway. The way he meets, the way he talks about the game. Every time I watch it, it impresses me.

“It’s obvious because I really think that at the moment, when Henderson has adapted his game and covers Trent on the right side, Thiago looks more like a footballer, Fabinho stays, Liverpool lacks this running number. 8, who can come into the box, deliver you a target, whose strength is that explosion, who can leave someone to die.

“Bellingham meets all these requirements. It’s obvious, but I think it’s important that we don’t focus on one midfielder. This is Liverpool Football Club. Everyone around the world knows that Liverpool will be looking for midfielders. There are a lot of very good midfielders in the world.”

With Liverpool struggling for stability this season, questions have arisen as to whether Bellingham would like a move to Anfield.

Despite the fact that the Reds are currently languishing in the middle of the table, Gerrard hopes that Bellingham is smart enough to admit that Liverpool will still be a good place to continue his career.

Liverpool are in the middle of the table, but I’m sure Jude is smart enough to say: “Wait a minute, there will be a grandstand here, it will be a stadium for 60,000 spectators, they have one of the top five.” coaches from all over the world, recently they won the Premier League, recently they reached the Champions League final, they play very well here, they have amazing players, they develop players,” he said.

“It meets a lot of requirements, but Liverpool in the league right now is in the middle of the table.”

Interestingly, Gerrard then explained why Bellingham should definitely return to the Premier League as he continues to develop his game.

Real Madrid have also been closely linked with a move to the Birmingham Academy product, but Gerrard believes Bellingham risks being “swallowed up” by a big club outside England.

“I think it’s important that he stays in this country,” he explained.

“He is 19 years old. They talk about Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

“I know he’s doing it at Dortmund now, but these clubs are at a higher level than Dortmund. You can swallow it, there are many world stars there. You may be absorbed too soon.

“In my opinion, to stay in England, to stay in this country, to develop. There is growth in him, he can develop. I think it’s very important for the boy right now to stay in England until he reaches his peak.”


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