“I’m fine”: Biden falls off his bike during a trip to Delaware with the First Lady


The president braked to talk to the crowd and tipped over, saying that the “toe cages” on his bike got caught.

Joe Biden fell off his bike near his beach house in Delaware on Saturday morning, moments after greeting reporters with a wave and a joyful “Good morning!”

The president was near the end of a bike ride with the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, near Rehoboth Beach, where the couple is celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.

Joe Biden talks to reporters before boarding Marine One in Washington, DC on June 17.
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The 79-year-old president, accompanied by Secret Service agents, was driving at some speed towards the turn before he braked to talk to the crowd wishing him a “Happy Father’s Day” and overturned.

Dr. Jill Biden has already made a turn and missed her husband’s fall. Biden’s unexpected dismounting occurred after he stopped and was unable to free his bicycle shoes from the socks on the pedals.

When asked if he was all right, Biden replied: “I’m fine.” When asked what caused the fall, Biden said that the “toe cages” on his bike got caught.

He briefly studied with journalists. When asked if he was happy with the progress in gun legislation, Biden replied: “I’m happy in Delaware. Did you see what they did in Delaware? A ban on assault weapons has been adopted. They did what I did years ago. But I’m happy with the progress.”

Biden, wearing bright blue shoes, a gray T-shirt, dark blue shorts and a white helmet, got back on his bike. —Okay, guys, see you later,” he said.