“I’m a fitness mouse”: Billie Eilish has a new body sensation


Billy Ailish (20) feels very comfortable in his own body! The singer began her world career at a very young age. In the following years, she not only shared her musical successes with her fans, but also allowed the public to share her inner life. Because Billy hasn’t had a good relationship with his body for a long time. But now this has apparently changed: the reason for this is the musician’s new passion for sports.

In a preview clip of the interview available to People, a 20-year-old girl tells Zane Lowe (49) about her new body sensation: “I have been working on my body for three years, very intensively in the last four years. months — now I’m a real fitness mouse!”Billie enthusiastically declared. Sometimes she wonders about herself: “Today I integrate sports into my life in a completely different way than before.”

The starting point for her ambitions in the gym was an ankle injury that Billie received in 2019. “I said to myself at the time: “I shouldn’t hurt myself again, I won’t let myself live like this just because I’ve lived for so many years,” she explained, recalling her inner transformation.


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