Ikumi Nakamura, ex-GhostWire: Tokyo


Through a documentary produced by the Archipel channel in partnership with the Japanese company Game * Spark, Ikumi Nakamura, ex-dev of GhostWire: Tokyo, gave more details about his departure from Tango Gameworks and confirmed the foundation of his own game studio.

Known for officially announcing GhostWire: Tokyo during E3 2019, Nakamura left Tango Gameworks the same year, citing health problems. Now, almost two years later, the ex-creative director revealed that she used this period to gain experience in the industry and travel the world working as a freelancer, something that has earned her the expertise and confidence necessary to start her authoring projects.

“When you have ideas and work as a team, there may be some problems that come with it, and it got to the point where it took my health. You can’t play games if you’re not healthy. I started to wonder if there was a way for me to do it. games while I felt better. I made the decision to leave before it was too late, “said Nakamura. “I was running away in a way. However, I believe that running can be very positive. Instead of just stacking things about yourself, I think running for something better is the healthiest choice.”

In the documentary of just over 17 minutes, the dev also confirmed that it already has plans to start production of its first original IP, but gave no further details on the nature of the title. The name of his independent studio was also not mentioned.

Ikumi Nakamura has a rich career in the gaming industry, and has already taken prestigious positions at Capcom, when he participated in Okami, and at PlatinumGames, working as a conceptual artist for Bayonetta.


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