IKON’s Bobby shares the meaning of the album LUCKY MAN


The iKON member shared the reason why he chose ‘U MAD’ as the title track for his record material. The iKON rapper explained a bit about the creative process of the album ‘LUCKY MAN’, the meaning of some songs, what was the idol inspired by to write his songs?

On January 25, Bobby released ‘LUCKY MAN ‘, the full-length record material that represented his comeback with his second solo project, which featured 17 interesting tracks.

The title track was ‘ U MAD ‘, the MV quickly surpassed 2 million views on the YouTube platform. In the melody the idol demonstrated his particular style, rap and ability to compose.

As part of promotional activities, Bobby of Ikon made an online press conference, where he spoke of all the details surrounding the creation and production of ‘LUCKY MAN ‘.

The rapper participated as a lyricist in some songs, expressed that he felt good to share new tracks after 3 years of hiatus in his solo career, also said that he was excited and nervous to finally reveal his work.

Bobby commented that he made the new album with the perspective that the public would be curious to hear each of the tracks as the CD played and he told a different story in each song so that iKONIK would identify with them.


The musician said that he used the title ‘ LUCKY MAN’ for the album because he wanted to show that he was a person who had experienced different emotions, such as joy, sadness, pain and joy. His purpose with ‘ U MAD’ was for listeners to enjoy every last chord of the song and to be filled with good energy.

I wrote this song for a weak me, so anyone who hears it will tell you it’s an energetic song

The Seoul-based artist chose ‘U MAD’ as the main theme of his comeback because it is a good combination that captured his image, a thunderous and badass rap that highlighted many elements of his temperament and identity as an artist.

My image is intense and charismatic and ‘U MAD’ reflected it

Kim Jiwon wanted ‘ LUCKY MAN’ to play on the two edges of his personality, a more powerful, determined and strong side, while also showing a sensitive, charismatic and gentle side.

Bobby asked for help from the iKON guys , they heard the songs before anyone else and also collaborated with Donghyuk on ‘Ur SOUL Ur BodY’ and Junhoe on ‘RaiNinG’, the star commented that he was grateful to the members for their support, since they related a lot to the album.


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