IKON’s Bobby cancels Lucky Man promotions for these reasons


The iKON rapper revealed the real reasons why he will be suspending music promotions for the album ‘Lucky Man’.

After two weeks of official promotions with ‘Lucky Man‘, iKON’s Bobby decided to pause their activities due to powerful reasons, YG Entertainment released a press release explaining the situation.

Bobby started 2021 with many projects, on January 25 he released the studio record material ‘Lucky Man ‘, the title song was ‘U MAD’, he explained that the theme was an introspection of the two poles of his personality.

The iKON rapper got a huge response from the public, the tracks on the CD conquered the most important charts in the music industry such as iTunes, where he featured thanks to his rough musical style with deep lyrics.

After two weeks of successful promotions with ‘ Lucky Man ‘ and ‘U MAD’, Bobby decided to cancel all the remaining activities on his schedule. We tell you all the details below.


The singer of ‘Runaway’ said the comeback of Ikon is scheduled for May this year, expressed their desire to want to concentrate and put their full potential in the next group appearances.

iKON will not only make its return to music, it will also participate as one of the groups of the musical program ‘Kingdom’, assured that it will use the remaining time in practices and special preparations for the show that will begin broadcasts on April 1.

He assured that the rest of his classmates worked hard on rehearsals, he would like to take a break from shows, interviews and solo performances and be next to iKON , he commented:

The other members practice hard every day and put on a wonderful performance that will surprise everyone.

YG Entertainment released a statement about the situation of iKON and Bobby , the company commented that the boy band member took the opinions, so they concluded with the official activities of ‘ Lucky Man ‘, which would end at the end of February.

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