iKONIC celebrates Junhoe’s birthday


iKONIC celebrates Junhoe’s birthday. The idol celebrated this day with his groupmates and the love of his fans.

The iKON vocalist is celebrating his birthday today, and his fans have not lost the opportunity to celebrate and give him all the love possible , sending him congratulatory messages where they recognize the admiration they feel for him, both in his role as idol and for his funny personality.

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#blow #블로우 #림장호우 다들 놀러와요

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During their 23rd birthday , Junhoe, along with the rest of the group, met their fans through a live broadcast from V Live , during which the members made a ‘human hamburger’ to celebrate this special day , so they placed one by one on June, who fired her followers and thanked them for joining them.

Although Junhoe shows off a cool, confident and a little rough look during his presentations, which also reinforces his powerful voice, iKONIC knows that offstage this idol is a restless boy who likes to have fun and make his teammates laugh , in addition to sharing his feelings through poetry and compositions that he posts for his fans.


With a charming smile and a seductive look, Junhoe has managed to conquer a large number of fans around the world , who today, with the hashtag #BrightSmileJunhoeDay, have shared the best moments of this idol and all the reasons why they admire him.

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