iKON Wants to Keep The Band and Is in Talks to Sign a Contract With 143 Entertainment


On December 30, it was announced that all iKON members decided not to renew their contract with YG Entertainment.

However, this does not mean that the group is breaking up. In their announcement , YG explained: “The six iKON members will, of course, continue their activities as an iKON group in the future. “, reassuring the fans.

Several Korean media outlets later announced that the 6 band members would discuss the possibility of signing a contract together in a new agency in order to preserve the unity of the band and the iKON name.

According to NEWSEN media, the agency with which the group will be discussed is 143 Entertainment.

In response to the reports , a source from 143 Entertainment explained: “Nothing concrete has been confirmed yet. We are discussing various aspects. »

143 Entertainment was founded by producer Digital Masta in 2020. The agency employs artists, including members of Kep1er LIMELIGHT, Masiro and Yeseo.

Contrary to the fears of some, the members came to the conclusion that “to preserve the whole”.

Having decided to leave YG Entertainment, the iKON members confirmed their loyalty to each other and decided to continue their joint musical activities. Expectations of the activities they will perform in the new nest are high.


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