iKON Releases Original New Teasers For “Why Why Why”


The K-pop group excites iKONIC with original teasers for their new song. iKON will surprise their fans on March 3.

iKON is getting closer to their new comeback with their digital single “Why Why Why”, the idols showed their more manly and youthful side in the new teasers.

The K-pop rap group from the YG agency will launch their first musical project of 2021. Following Bobby’s solo comeback and his participation in the reality show “Road to Kingdom,” the boys will gift iKONIC with a new song before the spring.

Through their official social networks, iKON released new and original teasers for “Why Why Why,” their next comeback. Each of the members wore their best profile on the moving posters , the digital single is scheduled to premiere on March 3. The group is expected to release a full album after ending the K-pop survival show , where. They compete with Stray Kids, SF9, and BTOB.

YG idols have been known since debut for their talents in hip hop and rhymes. His lyrics portray the vulnerable side of emotions, such as heartbreak, past mistakes and love breakups. Their talent has led them to be recognized as great songwriters and this comeback will be no exception.


In an original way and recreating AR (Virtual Reality) technology, iKON released individual teasers for their new song. The mini video clips show black and white photos of the members, the photos move, and are accompanied by the instrumental music and chorus of “Why Why Why”.

iKON split into two groups, the maknae line and the hyung line . The first of them is made up of Donghyuk, Junhoe and Chanwoo, the second of Bobby, Jinhwan and Yunhyeong. What is outfisThey used for their new concept are retro, youth and vintage. Each idol wore an outfit of jeans, jackets, and a denim vest. His style and image were complemented by white shirts, black boots and tennis shoes.


The teasers show each member in a photography studio, sitting in a chair while appearing to meditate and pose in front of the camera as if they were professional models. Until now, only the instrumental music of “Why Why Why” is known , which claims to be a ballad accompanied by synthesizers and electric guitar chords.

The group is distinguished by its rap and its compositions, but not everything is music in its career. They recently revealed their official culinary-inspired merch for fans to bring out their inner chef.


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