iKON has fun creating the best snowmen


Winter continues in some parts of the world and snowfalls in South Korea were the perfect excuse for iKON fun.

iKON Frozt, the K-pop group had fun during the winter holidays and took advantage of the snowfalls in South Korea to create snowmen that moved their fans.

The group YG is in a recess of his activities as idols, so they decided to take advantage of days off to have fun like children. Winter is the perfect time to ski, contemplate the snowflakes, have hot chocolate or go out with friends to have fun to enjoy the season.

Through iKON’s social media , the boys shared a series of photos with IKONIC to show how they spent their New Years Eve. The idols decided to go out to enjoy the snowfallThey started in South Korea, despite the cold weather, the boys went back to their childhood and built snowmen.

IKONIC shared various messages to praise the cuteness the boys created, Yungyeon and Jinhwan posed together with their creations after a night of fun. Although the climate in their country is very extreme, they did not miss the opportunity to make the cold their best evening.


The idols proved that they not only have a talent for rapping and composing, as their skills in the snow helped them build perfect figures , which they decorated with face masks and glasses, they also posed for a series of selfies.


Another of the members made a snow rabbit with the help of their boots, as they drew the shape with the sole, the snowfall left them full of flakes of their hair at their feet, but they did not flinch and continued to have fun despite the cold , earning iKONIC’s love of seeing them happy and united as young children by showing them a facet of their daily routine on vacation.

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