Iki Island, the new story of the great expansion included in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut


We tell you what adventure awaits on Iki Island, the location of the new expansion included in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut for PS5 and PS4. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is the definitive edition of one of the exclusive titles with the greatest impact of the PlayStation 4 generation. As of its arrival on August 20, several lines will be drawn between lovers of the original. On the one hand, PS5 users will be able to enjoy the adventure with the technical improvements that its new generation native version allows; on the other, the entire community will embark on a new adventure in the footsteps of Jin Sakai. Iki Island will be the location chosen to star in its great expansion.

Jin Sakai facing his fears: a new story in a unique enclave

Iki Island will allow you to develop the backstory of the main story over an area of ​​land unprecedented to date. This island is located between the southeast coast of Tsushima and the coast of Fukuoka in Japan. Sucker Punch once again takes inspiration from a real enclave to lay the foundations of his narrative thread.

Nate Fox, creative director of the video game, explained to the Push Square portal that the size of the Iki Island is “like that of the first act of the main game, Izahura.” We can expect “a dense history with a lot of territory and secrets to discover.” For those who play the full package from the start, the island will be unlocked after completing one of the relevant events during the first half of the main arc. From that moment you can travel whenever you want between the two islands; in fact, both stories complement each other throughout the game.

As soon as Sakai disembarks in Iki, the ghost of Tsushima must try to save the island of The Eagle, a cruel shaman who controls the area with his own faction of warriors. She will not be alone: ​​she will need the help of a group of local pirates, who at the same time have a relationship with his past. The events against the antagonist will make you face his fears … and relive old wounds.

The expansion has been built on the main pillars of Ghost of Tsushima: a vast open world to explore, a fight on the edge between life and death, and a narrative that extols the epic of the samurai codes and their traditions. All of those elements will be held firmly through brand-new shrines, barricades, side quests, mini-games, and activities. And for trophy lovers, you will have 10 new challenges to collect.


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