IKEA will help a city in Sweden to become more sustainable


IKEA will help develop a green community in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden, from aspects such as agriculture, retail and housing. The project, known as H22, is part of the retailer’s efforts, which promised to become “greener” by 2030. In fact, to promote the action, a series of podcasts entitled The Oracle was launched, through which locals will be able to share your experiences with the project.

In the Helsingborg suburb of Drottninghög, IKEA will implement an urban farming system to improve the skills of the population, as well as create new jobs and businesses. This system will consist of a place for the cultivation of fresh crops, which will be called “The Garden”. The harvested products will be transformed into meals in the “Kitchen” and all will be sold in the “Market”.

Houses of the future and use of new technologies

In a warehouse in the port region, IKEA will develop new methods of retail, manufacturing and production. In this space, the retailer will present ideas for the houses of the future, where new technologies “shape the shape and function of a residential space”.

Textile products and printing techniques will also be made available as an incentive to adhere to environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. These venues are being set up in and around the city in preparation for a 35-day fair scheduled for 2022.

In the Utegym Fredriksdal forest, which connects different sides of the fair, IKEA will create an outdoor camping space using sustainable material and a self-sufficient energy and water system. Students from around the world will be invited to the area to design new solutions for public services and affordable housing.


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