Ikea Starts Sales in Gaming Category


Game-themed furniture and accessories of Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008, are on sale in October. The products were first made available to China earlier this year in partnership with Asus and its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand.


Various attachments and cup holder models start at an average of $10. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, range from $69 to $349.

Mouse Bungee, an apparatus that prevents your mice cables from getting tangled.

The company has launched more than 30 game products in total in 6 product categories. However, of these product categories, only the Uppspel category includes products designed in collaboration with Asus. Here is a game room set in the Uppspel category, produced in partnership with Ikea and Asus. You can click for the link of this game room on Ikea’s sales platform in China. Ikea states that the remaining products are original Ikea products with designs that “provide solutions to the difficulties experienced by gamers at the computer”.

The company announced last year that it would partner with ASUS and the Republic of Gamers to create a series of gaming products.

Considering that most gaming gear is costly and even next-gen consoles are very expensive, an affordable line of accessories and furniture may be just what gamers need to keep the cost down when designing their room.

Ikea also announced this month that it will produce studio items sponsored by a Swedish band.


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