IKEA to open a tree-filled store in Vienna


IKEA, known worldwide for its furniture, will set up a tree-lined store in the Austrian capital Vienna. IKEA’s new store will be for pedestrians and people using public transport.

IKEA, one of the first names that come to mind when furniture is mentioned, has launched a brand new project in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The Swedish company’s new project will have a structure that does not resemble the IKEA stores we have seen before. This store will be located at the Westbahnhof station in Vienna.

IKEA’s new project will make you forget the general appearance of all IKEA stores. The company’s new store will have seven floors and will not host any parking lots. The most prominent feature of the new store is that it will be a completely green focused building.

IKEA’s new greenery:
IKEA’s new store will house trees even inside the building, as shown in the image. There is a simple reason behind the fact that the company does not build any store-specific parking lots. The new store will generally be for pedestrians, cyclists and people using public transport.

In an article he shared, IKEA said that he designed such a store in order to keep up with the changing shopping culture. Here is a cross-section of the company’s post:

Iler Customers love ease and comfort because they have very little time. This is particularly evident in furniture: more and more customers are not thinking of taking what they have bought home. They can transport these products to their homes. ‘

Swedish furniture company, Westbahnhof station will set up a new store will sign a special service. Since the new store is aimed at pedestrians and people using public transport, the customers will deliver their products to their homes within 24 hours at the latest.

Construction of the new IKEA store began on January 7, 2020, and the project is scheduled to be completed in 2021. IKEA hopes that the new store will be of central importance in this region. The unusual IKEA store, which will house 160 trees in total, was designed by Querkraft Architekten.


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