Ikea is launching tutorials for furniture removal!


The Swedish brand Ikea offers a new alternative for its customers who will be able to dismantle their furniture without being afraid of breaking them.

Assembling an Ikea piece of furniture is good. But knowing how to take it apart is better. So this is the Swedish giant’s new promise to its customers.

Ikea is the most famous Swedish chain of stores in the world. With more than 500 stores around the globe, he is one of the biggest furniture vendors in the market.

And during this year 2020, Ikea has seen a sharp increase in its customers. With the health crisis and repeated lockdowns, people wanted to improve the image of their homes. And it was to the Swedish giant that they turned.

This is why the year 2020 represented a turnover of 9 billion euros. A success due to the quality of its furniture but also to its ease of purchase.

Indeed, it is therefore easy to buy a piece of furniture and then to assemble it at home on the same day. But what about the moves? Ikea has it all covered. They decided to offer a furniture dismantling tutorial.

A way for them to show their commitment to the ecological cause. And this is not the first time. The brand had already announced the end of its paper catalogs and plastic packaging.

A new environmental policy which proves that everyone must change their way of life for a better future.

Ikea launches tutorials to ensure the dismantling of its furniture!


If Ikea is talked about today, it is for a very original idea. Indeed, the brand has decided to go green by offering a new alternative for its buyers.

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Not only will customers be able to buy furniture and then assemble it themselves. But they can also take them apart without damaging them. The goal is therefore to make the furniture even more sustainable for the future.

But disassembling furniture can be tricky. Especially when they haven’t moved for 15 years. So instead of breaking them and throwing them away, why not follow a disassembly tutorial.

But Ikea could very well do without such an initiative. Because if the furniture breaks, customers will go and buy new ones. But this is not the goal of Ikea, which wants to reduce its ecological impact above all.

So these are 6 disassembly kits that Ikea stores offer. We find there the famous furniture “BILLY”, “MALM” and “PAX” which are the biggest successes of the brand.

A brilliant idea that proves Ikea wants to go green. And which will make life easier for many consumers to avoid the tragedy during disassembly.

And to access these dismantling plans, nothing could be simpler. Just go to the brand’s website and find the page for the piece of furniture in question. More than follow the instructions and voila.


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