Ikea is launching the practical rack for gamers!


To accessorize the desk of gamers, the Scandinavian brand Ikea is launching a shelf in the shape of a super practical hand.

Scandinavian giant Ikea could expand its catalog for gamers in Europe in the coming months. All video game enthusiasts will snatch up an ultra-practical hand-shaped shelf!

Are you a gamer? Do you want to redo the decoration of your office?

So you may be able to find your happiness at Ikea. Yes, the famous Scandinavian chain of ready-to-assemble furniture is renewing its catalog for the biggest fans of video games.

At the beginning of February, the brand launched a whole collection of furniture for gamers. So you could find a nice desk, lamps, chairs and a whole ton of accessories for consoles and controllers.

However, this collection was only available in China. And in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is rather difficult to go back and forth to get furniture. Is not it ?

So don’t worry, Ikea is about to export all of its products, designed with high-tech brand ROG (Republic of Gamers), to Europe. So they could be available around October, according to our colleagues at QG Magazine.

During this period, you can therefore buy yourself a shelf in the shape of very practical hands. And in addition, at a lower cost! Indeed, it will be on sale for the modest sum of 16 euros and 45 cents.


Thus, the shelf sold at Ikea – designed in collaboration with ROG – is called LÅNESPELARE. You do not understand anything ? We neither. But we know its translation: “ready to play”.

So this beautiful object is made of wood and measures only 34 centimeters in height. In short, it’s perfect for accessorizing a desk! However, Ikea didn’t build it to look pretty.

In fact, this hand-shaped shelf is very useful. And for good reason, it can store all video game accessories. If you’re tired of leaving your headphones lying around, you just have to put them away on the shelf!

“Need a hand in keeping your office tidy? This accessory rack is happy to help and supports cables, headsets, and other gadgets you want to store away but always have on hand. ”

So, that’s what the Ikea brand explained on their site. To believe it, you just have to take a look at the photos which testify to its great usefulness. So, we are sure that you are already impatient to buy it. Besides, us too! So, strongly October!