Ikea is inspired by Xbox Series X for their stores!

Ikea is working hard at the start of the year. The kit furniture brand has decided to ogle the Sony PS5 and the Xbox Series X!

Nice hit from Ikea, which is inspired by the designs of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. The brand has therefore just taken an idea from Sony and Microsoft. This, to help its customers to make their choice in store.

Rather Xbox Series X or PS5? If the two rival consoles were talked about at the end of the year, Ikea decided to pay them a little tribute.

A tribute that will perhaps help him boost his sales, after all. Indeed, if you were able to visit one of the stores not long ago, you might have paid attention!

As we know, the brand sells a whole bunch of furniture of all kinds. Including TV cabinets, on which your game console could sit.

To find the most suitable piece of furniture for the dimensions of the TV but also boxes and consoles, Ikea has found the solution! And that’s pretty funny!

On Reddit, a user showed a photo in store on which a TV cabinet had two very strange boxes! Yep, these are pale copies of the Xbox Series X and PS5!


All with their exact dimensions, of course, to help you make your choice. Ikea therefore had the right idea, in short.

Especially since the size of the next-gen consoles is rather gargantuan compared to the previous ones. Thanks to these PS5 and Xbox templates, you can choose the most suitable piece of furniture.

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At the moment, it is not yet known when Ikea will have them available in French stores. But it’s a great publicity stunt that may well earn him new visitors.

Although these days, the signs in France are full of people! It must be said that Ikea is full of inexpensive options for students.



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