Ikea creates a collection of furniture for all video game fans!


Currently only available in China, video game furniture is expected to hit Ikea stores around the world soon.

While a few years ago playing video games was almost a taboo, today it has become more democratic. Indeed, some gamers have become great YouTubers and most earn a very good living. But in order to be successful, you still need to be comfortable playing video games. And for that, Ikea has found the solution.

Indeed, playing the Xbox or the PS5 is good, you still have to be comfortable. Because sometimes we spend several hours on a game. That’s why, if you spend those hours on a sofa that is too hard or too soft, or on an office chair that does not fit your back, you may regret it for a while. one moment.

So trust Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant has decided to please gamers around the world by releasing a special range of video games. But to come out with a truly gamer-friendly collection, the company wasn’t partnering with just anyone.

Indeed, as Tom’s Guide points out, the link was made with Asus Republic of Gamers. Everyone is already aware of Asus’ talent, whether it be smartphone or PC.

Therefore, we think this is the perfect brand to guide Ikea on its gaming furniture design. She knows what her players need and what they expect to feel good when playing their favorite games.

It remains to be seen how much will the furniture in question cost. But also, and above all, when they will land on French soil. Since, at the moment, it is only in China that we can find them.


Despite everything, another question arises. Because thinking about furniture for gamers is good, they still need to remain beautiful. Indeed, everyone appreciates beautiful things. Even those who spend several hours in front of their screen to play.

But on this point, we can be reassured. Indeed, Ikea has done it right. As you may have seen above, although this is only one example, the furniture in question turns out to be very pretty.

These are minimalist and elegant and could even be appreciated by any customer. Whether it’s a fan of video games or painting. The Swedish giant having designed a very nice range that should satisfy the majority of its customers and sometimes even those it does not imagine:

“We want to democratize the gaming experience, by creating products that are relevant, functional, beautiful and affordable. “. Let Ikea know about its choice to focus on gaming.

On the other hand, if you want to get your hands on one of these chairs or desks, you will have to wait until October 2021. When the collection will arrive in France. Until then, you have time to tear yourself away to get a PS5!


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