IKEA Announces Products For Video Game Players: Chairs


IKEA: The Swedish chain of stores has expanded its product catalog with gaming items designed for comfort during gaming sessions. The Swedish real estate chain IKEA has broadened its spectrum with articles aimed at video game players. The term gaming or gamer has become not only a way to categorize lovers of interactive leisure, but also as a new range of household items; from chairs to tables oriented to specific postures and customs, to neck pillows or peripheral supports such as headphones.

That’s what IKEA offers, although in this case its 30 products are geared more towards competitive PC gamers in collaboration with the Republic of Gamers, a subdivision of ASUS. The tables are tall and wide, thus leaving space at the top of the tower, the microphone, monitor, keyboard … The setup, as it is usually coined in these cases. The company’s goal, after offering this new range of items to a number of countries, is for them to be distributed on a global scale starting this October.

IKEA reaches out to the consumer of video game products

Jon Karlsson, IKEA designer, has indicated in the communication sent to the media his commitment to ergonomics and the usefulness of his thirty new products, which can be found in IKEA warehouses in a few weeks. “We want our products to offer better ergonomics and features so that players can be even better at what they do without wearing down their bodies – basically becoming better athletes.”


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