Ikea and Asus ROG to prepare furniture for gamers


Ikea came into contact with technology with its smart home unit and augmented reality based furniture application. The company now takes this theme to a whole new area. Ikea will prepare affordable gaming furniture for gamers in collaboration with Asus ROG. In the first place, around 30 products are planned to meet with users.

The game furniture series will be produced at Ikea’s Product Development Center in Shanghai, China. In the statement made by Ikea, it was stated that the company’s designers organized workshops with ROG designers, professional gamers and game lovers and determined the needs of the gamers.

In a statement from Ikea, it was stated that the company combined its expertise in furniture design with ROG’s expertise in creating gaming experiences. Underlining that the products to be presented will be affordable, the Swedish company did not provide information on the types of products to be produced. Still, the first options that come to mind are game tables and chairs.

There were other collaborations in this style before Ikea and Asus ROG. Logitech had recently created a gaming chair with Hermann Miller. However, Ikea points out that its products will be more compatible with the general decoration of the house compared to other game furniture. The first products of this cooperation will be sold in China in February 2021. In other countries, it will be possible to find these products from October 2021.


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