Ignored in Wiesn: Oliver Poker Blasphemes about Ex Monica


Oliver Pocher (44) rips the collar! From 2005 to 2009, the comedian was in a relationship with model Monica Ivankan (45). The separation happened a few years ago, and both are happy again. And although there is really no enmity between them, they do not seem to be completely green: at Oktoberfest they now ran into each other — and Oliver was very upset about this reunion with Monica.

The annual Oktoberfest in Munich is a meeting place for German stars, and Oliver attended it with his wife Amira (30 years old), as did Monica. When their paths crossed, he greeted her without getting an answer. Rudeness that doesn’t work for Ollie: “Maybe she had a stroke or she can’t speak properly,” the TV star raged in her podcast “Die Pochers!”. “Or she was so pumped up with Botox that her lips don’t move anymore.” The fact that his ex just ignored him was a clear sign of immaturity for him.

But Monica also admitted that she had been struggling with the “Handwriting-Ex” stamp for a long time. This expression is not a definition for her and puts her in a box where she does not belong. Ollie is nothing more than the ex-partner of a former bachelor.


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