“Ignorant” Claims from Binance USA CEO


The CEO of the Binance US branch, Catherine Coley, pretended to be ignorant of entrepreneurs who were not willing to use cryptocurrency. Stating that crypto currencies will become a part of life, Coley emphasized that this should not be ignored.

Coley, CEO of Binance USA, participated in the Odd Lots podcast, which was organized with the contribution of Bloomberg. During the broadcast, Coley talked about in which areas cryptocurrencies are used, how they are affected by the coronavirus and what development they will show in the future.

Cryptocurrencies Cannot Be Ignored

Coley thinks that cryptocurrencies can be used not only for speculative trading but also for other purposes. Talking about the benefits of cryptocurrencies in real life, Coley gave examples from many different areas from e-commerce to mortgage payments.

Stating that cryptocurrencies and beyond that, digital assets will continue to grow, Coley advised entrepreneurs to follow the developments in this field. Believing that digital assets will grow, Coley thinks it would be ignorant not to follow this process. Coley said the following for entrepreneurs trying to establish their own company in this process:

“If you are going to start your own company in the next five years and you are not taking digital assets into account, then you are being ignorant. Digital assets offer usage areas that even the pandemic cannot restrict. “


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