Ignaz Semmelweis: doctor gets Doodle from Google that teaches how to wash hands


Hungarian doctor Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, recognized as the first person to discover the medical benefits of hand washing, received a tribute from Google on Friday (20). This time in video format, Doodle on the search engine home page shows the proper way to wash your hands.

The animated instructions are passed on while Semmelweis holds a watch, indicating the time that should be dedicated to cleaning. It is worth remembering that hand washing is one of the main measures to prevent and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The drawing will be available for two days and can be viewed on both the computer and the cell phone.

Doctor from the University of Vienna and master of obstetrics, Semmelweis was appointed chief resident at the maternity clinic at the Vienna General Hospital in March 1847. It was there that he deduced and demonstrated that requiring doctors to clean their hands greatly reduced the transmission of diseases.

The conclusion came after the investigation of a mysterious infection that was leading to high mortality rates for new mothers in maternity wards across Europe. Dedicated to finding the cause of the problem, Semmelweis deduced that doctors were transmitting infectious material from previous surgeries and autopsies through his hands.

Once the discovery was made, the Hungarian doctor immediately instituted the requirement that the entire team of professionals should wash their hands between patients’ exams. The measure, initially viewed with skepticism by many Semmelweis colleagues, caused infection rates to plummet. Thanks to his work, Ignaz Semmelweis is remembered as the “father of infection control”.

In addition to paying homage to the Hungarian doctor, this Friday’s Doodle (20) reinforces the importance of washing hands. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world, the habit of hygiene is essential to stop cases of contamination by Covid-19. The video shown by Google follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization on how to wash your hands properly.


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