Iggy Azalea takes on a fan who tackles her on her weight gain!


It is a criticism that has not passed … On social networks, Iggy Azalea put in his place a fan who criticized his weight gain.

Criticized for his weight gain, Iggy Azalea has released the claws on social networks. And the singer didn’t go with the back of the spoon…

Pregnant or not, Iggy Azalea continues to panic the web with her incendiary photos. And not displease some internet users who have openly criticized the young woman.

Indeed, a fan did not hesitate to comment on one of the last pictures of Iggy Azalea, stating that she has gained weight. A comment, far from being trivial.

Indeed, Iggy pulled out the claws and replied: “I posted a photo of my body last week and I have a put **** of six packs (abdominals, note). So please buy yourself a life. ”

A comment that has not gone unnoticed. Quickly, fans of the Fancy interpreter defended their idol. “And even if she got fat, what can it do to you?” “,” That kind of comments are to be thrown up, Iggy you are superb “,” Iggy you are the Queen, do not listen to these rageous “.

Loved or hated, Iggy Azaela whose next album remains eagerly awaited, therefore remains faithful to who she is. And that’s what her fans most admire about her.

Very discreet for many months, Iggy Azalea is back on social networks! The 29-year-old popstar recently gave her news.

And for that, the Australian who is not cold in the eyes was displayed sexier than ever on a snapshot posted on Instagram. On the latter, she did not hesitate to display her extremely toned figure. “The sky needs blue,” she says under the photo.

On the picture, the pretty blonde is wearing a white sports bra. As well as blue leggings highlighting its forms.

Was this photo a nod to the media who keep claiming that she gave birth to her first child? It must be said that his sudden disappearance from radars made a lot of noise…

Did the young woman and her darling, Playboi Cartiest welcome a little boy as the tabloids suggest? Rumors date back to the end of 2019, when Iggy disappeared from social networks.


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