Did Iggy Azalea secretly become a mom?


Australian singer Iggy Azalea is said to have become a mother in the greatest of secrets. A news that makes a lot of talk on the net.

Did Iggy Azalea secretly become a mom? It’s the rumor that is freaking the web and causing a lot of ink to flow. True or not?

Did the very famous Iggy Azalea become a mom in the biggest secret? This is the news that is spreading these days.

Sources interviewed by the Metro newspaper reportedly relayed the news. That said, the main interested party has so far confirmed nothing.

As for the father of the child, it could only be Playboi Carte, with which Iggy Azalea shares his life. Yes, the interpreter of “Work” has frequented the latter since 2018.

Besides, soon after their relationship was formalized, rumors of engagement were hanging around the net.

Especially since Iggy Azalea wore a ring on her finger! This rumor therefore only fuels the older ones about them.

Rumor or not, relatives of Iggy and Playboi are already starting to congratulate the two lovebirds. A friend of the couple also congratulated the two interested parties:

“I have spoken to a few people,” said DJ Akamediks. “This is supposedly true. Congratulations if that’s the case. ”

No one, including those around them, seems to know for sure. In any case, this is great news for all the fans of Iggy Azalea, who were unaware of it.

It must be said that the rumors of his so-called pregnancy germinated last December. At the time, the singer had a low profile on social media.

That being the case, she displayed perfect plastic soon after rumors of her pregnancy in December. Enough to drop the soufflé.

Finally, rumors of making Iggy Azalea a young mother continue to spread. To the point where one of her fans even told her that she “gained weight” …


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