Iggy Azalea rebuts T.I interview: “Stop lying, I had to block you”


Iggy Azalea was not at all pleased to see rapper T.I. calling her arrogant during an interview for the radio program “The Breakfast Club” this week. On Twitter, the Australian countered his criticism. “Let’s talk about 2017 when you came to me proposing that I return to the Hustle Gang! Stop lying. I still had to block you and change studio where I was recording, ”he said.

As far as anyone knows, T.I. was mentor to Iggy early in his career. They broke ties in 2015. According to the rapper, she changed “when she discovered that whites liked her and that she really didn’t need black people to like her anymore.” Iggy says the story is another…

“Please grow up and talk about artists you have really helped. Stop talking about me for relevance. I don’t bring your ass back. Nobody wants her, ”snapped the rapper,“ when is this guy going to shut up? The only thing you helped me with was producing 100’s. Thanks, but you weren’t part of the creative production of my album, T.I. That’s why I had trouble with you trying to get closer to my success. ”


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