Iggy Azalea postpones release of Wicked Lips EP


Not to lose the habit, Iggy Azalea had to postpone the release of the EP “Wicked Lips”. As in previous projects, the rapper turned back on the date initially released for release on Friday (15), for a delay in studio.

“I’m sorry, but I’m still mixing a song from my EP that has a cameo and I won’t be able to meet the deadline,” Iggy wrote on Thursday morning on his official Twitter.


The rapper stated that it is very important for her that the partnership is in this project and, therefore, the release of the EP was postponed until next week.

Last week Iggy released the single “Lola” in partnership with Alice Chater. The track will be part of the EP, which comes just four months after the release of the album “In My Defense”.

In a month, Iggy arrives in Brazil for a unique show in Sao Paulo. She performs at the Americas Space on December 15. Will fans be able to hear EP songs live?