iFixit fixed the PS5 DualSense controller issue


Many players were expressing their complaints about the DualSense controller that came into our lives with the PS5. The iFixit team, wishing to investigate this issue, disassembled the DualSense controller and released an explanation video about the slip problem.

PS5 DualSense is on the agenda with the slipping problem

DualSense, which has a unique usage experience and is admired by almost all users, came to the fore with a production error. The YouTube channel called iFixit detected the problem that PS5 owners rebelled on social media and published a video.

A Reddit user over the past few weeks made a statement regarding the current problem. The user, who gave information about the problem, stated that the characters moved automatically during the game due to the axis shift problem in the controller of the PS5 device he bought 10 days ago.

Conducting research on the specified problem, iFixit explained that the problem was caused by the potentiometer in the device. Stating that the potentiometer, which lost its feature due to wear, caused the controller to have a slip problem, the team underlined that the other source of the problem may also be related to the spring mechanism.

Refusing to make a statement on this issue, Sony remains silent about the DualSense exchange program.


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