iFixit Disassembles Samsung Galaxy Buds Live


Measuring the repairability levels of smartphones, iFixit has now disassembled Galaxy Buds Live. It looks like Samsung did a good job of engineering on the Galaxy Buds Live.

South Korean technology giant Samsung launched its new flagship Galaxy Note 20, its new foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2, its new smart watch Galaxy Watch 3 and its new high-end tablet Galaxy Tab S7 at its launch event called Galaxy Unpacked online on August 5. also introduced the new generation wireless headset Galaxy Buds Live.

Galaxy Buds Live, which is directly separated from its competitors in terms of design, promises high sound quality with a relatively more body. However, high-end full wireless headphones such as the Galaxy Buds Live can easily be damaged and need repair. So how easily can a Galaxy Buds Live be repaired?

This is what the interior of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live looks like

Revealing how easy it can be repaired by disassembling more smartphones, iFixit has now taken the Galaxy Buds Live under the spotlight and revealed how Samsung has assembled its new full wireless headset with engineering. According to iFixit’s video, Galaxy Buds Live is at a very good point in repairability.

First of all, let’s underline that Samsung uses a minimum number of screws to put together many parts of the Galaxy Buds Live, large and small. Samsung has made almost all parts accessible to make the Galaxy Buds Live a more repairable device, and has relied more on synthetic adhesives to hold the parts together.

Probably none of us will take apart and repair the Galaxy Buds Live at home. Nevertheless, easy repairability can increase the life of the device as it will provide freedom to replace the battery or a different part in the long run.

Video demonstrating the repairability of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live


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