If your tablet does not respond to keystrokes try these tricks


If you are a user of a tablet you will know how important it is to take care of the screen. Those 10 inches of display are the basis of communication between you and the device, but if they do not work correctly their use can turn into hell. For this reason we tell you what you can do if the screen of your tablet does not work correctly.

Tricks for iOS like Android and Microsoft

It is a fact that not everyone has the same tablet in their possession, but luckily a tablet is a tablet. That is, the operating system is the least of it since what we are telling you is used to fix the most basic software such as the screen. Below we give you some tips to know if the screen of your tablet does not respond.

There are many reasons why your device does not respond, either because of an application that has not been executed well, a blow and as a result of the latter, a broken screen that prevents its proper operation. Whatever it is, there is a solution for everything and we will start from the simplest to the most difficult or at least the one that takes the longest.

The first thing that we are going to tell you to avoid that a tablet stops working is to take good care of it. We do not say that you are not doing it wrong, but it is true that you can avoid these failures with such basic things as putting a cover on the device, a good tempered glass that allows you to maintain the pulsations and the consequent cleaning so that there is nothing that prevents that a pulsation does not register well. That said, we proceed to the rest of the tricks.

Calibrate your screen

It is possible that the problems in the pulsation of your tablet come from the same and without you realizing it. So the first thing you have to do is restart the tablet. The procedure is simple: just press the power button until it turns off and then starts it again.

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If you still notice that the precision is not correct you can always recalibrate the screen from the settings section of the device. By means of a simple measurement test you will put the pulsations to your liking, although there is always the possibility of returning to the system default values ​​and forgetting to make tests. This is in the case of Microsoft, if you have a Surface, but on Android you will have to use apps that help you, such as TouchScreen Calibration. If you have an iPad, the device has no function to help you.

Eliminate processes that ‘weigh down’ the terminal

The fact that the touch screen of your tablet does not work may be determined by a failure in the resource management of the machine. In other words: the tablet is using all the power of the processor and RAM and if you have processes in the background worse because they continue to work. For this reason, what you should do at that moment is to close programs that you have running without you even realizing it to free up the RAM. It also has to see if you have many browser tabs open, so close the ones you don’t use.

Take it to the technical service

We move on to the last point of what to do if the tablet doesn’t respond. You have already tried all of the above and it has not worked or, on the contrary, the impact it has received has been such that it is impossible to use it. Then try to take it to the technical service to have it fixed. You will have to pay some money, but everything is for you to use your device again.


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