If your computer does not recognize the cell phone?


Throughout the day you may have to use two essential devices: the computer and the smartphone. There are already users who only use their phone screen to work, but it is a fact that the symbiosis between the two devices is still present.

Some use the cloud to transfer data, but others use the physical connection for this purpose. For this reason we teach you to fix the problem that prevents your PC from recognizing your Android smartphone via USB.

Key points to fix the connection

When you connect two devices by a cable, an error can also occur. These failures are very common and only give rise to a couple of critical points to take a look at. In this case, we will tell you what to do if your PC does not recognize a mobile connected by USB, something of the most common these days.

The first thing you have to do is pay attention to the connected devices. If they have power, it is logical that they work, so you should check the battery level of both devices, especially if you use a laptop. If you have already checked it, check the cable since if you use it a lot, wear may have deteriorated some internal component that prevents the transfer.

Software review on your smartphone
These are the basic points of the hardware, so now we will see how you can fix the USB connection between the mobile and your PC. We are going to focus on the first device, which requires an extra point of attention. And the thing is that mobiles have various ‘positions’ when you connect them. You can use it in charging only mode, in which it will receive power from the computer, data transfer, you will have access to all the files in the memory, or camera, where you can only see the camera folders.

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Of the three previous modes, only the last two serve the PC to classify it as an external storage device and if you do not manually select one of them there will be no connection.

Troubleshooting your PC

If everything else is fine, your computer may be the problem that the mobile is not recognized by USB. If this is the case, you will have to use the well-known Windows troubleshooter. Have the system check the connection ports and in the worst case you will have to follow the following route:

  • Open the search button
  • Type device manager
  • Head to the phone
  • Update drivers

In case all this has not taken effect, you will have to consider the possibility of doing a factory reset of your terminal.


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