If You Want To Play Wordle Without Spoilers Avoid This Twitter Bot


Wordle has been the great revelation of online games so far in 2022. It is a simple game in which you have to test your vocabulary to put a five-letter word that the web has generated in five spaces before starting. However, if you don’t want to miss out on the thrill of guessing tomorrow’s word of the day, we recommend you don’t follow or consult Wordlinator.

This is how Wordlinator works and what it is for

The Internet is full of interesting websites that you can visit every day because of the novelty of the content they have. In each site you will find something different, even in those dedicated to online games where you do not have to do anything more than sit down and play the title you have chosen. But sometimes these games transcend so much that they hook a multitude of users.

This is the case of Wordle, the Internet site where you can find a new five-letter word to find out every day. There are many users on Twitter showing that they have already got the secret word and in very few attempts, but the truth is that getting it right the first time is more a matter of luck than skill. And yes, once it’s a coincidence, two can almost have a pass, but a third… you have to be very lucky or use something that solves the game effortlessly.

And this is the case of Wirdlinator, a Twitter bot that tells you what the word of the day for tomorrow is Wordle. Unless the word of the day hasn’t come out, you can always consult him to find out what it has been, but this is the only ‘legal’ use that you can give it. We are not telling you that you are going to go to jail for using it, but it is a bit ugly to ‘consult the solution’ when the game itself guides you.

But it’s not just that anymore, the bot is able to find out the word for tomorrow. And it’s not that he does it on his profile, but that he responds to your tweet in which you just put the score you got today. That way you’ll know tomorrow’s word, unless you block this bot from replies to your messages.

For now it seems that it is only available in English, but it may be a matter of time before we see a version in Spanish.