If you use Slack on Android change your password now


Released 8 years ago, in 2013, Slack is an instant messaging platform based on the Cloud, and as such has applications for Android, iOS mobile phones, a version for macOS, Linux, Windows and even a web version in browsers. Ideal for business environments, the platform allows joining a Working Group that can be divided into one or more channels.

In addition, in a real-time conversation, a separate thread can be created as in a work email, to have a parallel conversation that does not obstruct the topic of the channel itself.

Change your Slack Android password

Have you received an email from Slack asking you to change your password? Relax, because it is not that the app has suffered an external security breach, nor has it been attacked, nor have you been the victim of a Phishing attack. Rather, it’s about Slack itself, which has screwed it up nicely with a bug.

Apparently, and due to a bug caused by Slack itself, the application saved the access credentials in plain text on the user’s mobile. The company states that it identified it on January 20 and solved it the next day, although the bug had been active since December 21 of last year, which indicates that those passwords were in plain text for a whole month, within reach of any other app that users had on their Android phones to be read, stored, stolen.

There have been no recorded attacks

From Slack they have wanted to ensure that they have not detected unauthorized access by third parties, and report that a new version of the Android app is available with the error already corrected. They have also blocked the use of the affected version. Therefore, changing the password is not essential, but it is certainly highly recommended.

And if the password you have in Slack is the same that you have used in other accounts, services and web pages, it is best to change it in the rest as well.


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