If you renewed the camera, would you change your phone?


Twenty years ago they did not exist and mobile phones were only good for one thing: calling. Then they became an extra element, a curious addition, although secondary due to its tiny and incomparable resolution with a digital camera. Today, mobile cameras are for some the essential element by which to decide on one or another model of smartphone.

And one of the elements that are advancing the fastest, since in 3-4 years we have gone from single-lens cameras to terminals that already mount 4, 5 and 6 cameras.

To be able to change the mobile camera

The flexible mobiles that hit the market last year are the first step in the next great evolution of smartphones. But before, there was another technology that promised a lot and came to nothing, perhaps because it was too far ahead of its time: modular smartphones. The problem with current phones is that their design is closed and does not allow changes, something that brands like LG tried to change with terminals such as the pioneer but failed LG G5.

Without a doubt, the idea of ​​a modular mobile, that is, with interchangeable parts such as a PC, is attractive. But in 2016 we saw that the G5 did not sell well at all, and even Google stopped its Project Ara, an ambitious project based on a modular smartphone with interchangeable components as if they were LEGO pieces.

And here we ask ourselves a curious question: Would you change your mobile if you could update elements such as the camera? Or would you update it and stick with that model?

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The Fairphone 3

We launched the question taking advantage of the new announcement that the Fairphone company has made of its next mobile, the Fairphone 3 Plus. Fairphone is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam that seeks to “develop mobiles that are designed and produced with minimal impact on the environment.” And in 2019 they launched their Fairphone 3 under a modular design focused on allowing repairs, thinking about the sustainable philosophy and their commitment to repair and maintenance in order to avoid technological waste.

In this way, the phone, made with recycled materials, facilitates the recycling of older models. This philosophy is maintained with the arrival in September of the Fairphone 3 Plus, which integrates an improved camera module that can also be used in the standard model, so if you have a Fairphone 3 from 2019 you can take a camera module from the 3 Plus and insert it to update your terminal.


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