If you receive a call from this number, hang up


For those who do not know it, Vishing ‘consists of a variant that mixes Phishing with a telephone call, in which the attacker uses data extracted from the Internet to use it in a voice call, and in this way seeks to achieve that the victim is induced to disclose personal data.

In fact, companies such as Amazon or Microsoft have registered cases of this crime of identity theft during 2019, with users complaining, for example, of calls supposedly on behalf of the Windows technical service team.

Those who use Vishing use social engineering techniques, that is, they collect information about their victims from what has been shared publicly on the Internet, for example, on social networks, to gain their trust

Vishing with Vodafone

The phone rings, you see a number on the screen: 968800739. You pick it up and a merchant offers you various promotions that have just come out, and they do so on behalf of Vodafone. All the promos are attractive and for our mobile line, and you also need to hire it now because they will end in a few days. What should you do? Hang you because it is a scam.

And it turns out that if the commercial case catches your attention, it will ask you to send your DNI by WhatsApp to register the new offer. But if you do, you are giving him the information he needs so that he can access your banking information. He just scammed you, and you still haven’t found out.

Reported by Vodafone

Using its official Twitter account, Vodafone has pointed out to a user who had asked him for the telephone number mentioned above that “this number is not part of our commercial numbering”, urging her to avoid third-party calls if she wants. For its part, and confirming its nature of fraud, the ODIC (Canary Islands Computer Crime Observatory) has also raised the alarm about this threat.

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The 968800739 does not belong to Vodafone, and therefore what it is going to sell you is false, from the outset Vodafone would never ask you to send a private information such as your ID through WhatsApp. Therefore, if you receive a call from that number, hang up immediately and block it / put it on a list of SPAM numbers so that you never hear it again.

And it is that, although it seems that not, there are many sensitive and private data that a hacker can know about us just by knowing the DNI.


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