If you like both dramas you could watch this Netflix series


On December 30, Amazon Prime Video introduced fans to season 6B with the devastating final episodes of Vikings, in which many of their favorite characters died.

Although Vikings came to an end, regulars of historical dramas are waiting for the fourth installment of The Last Kingdom; another fascinating drama that reflects part of European history.

As fans of series such as Vikingoss and The Last Kingdom usually look for historical productions full of battles and intrigue, it is necessary to recommend the documentary series “The Rise of an Ottoman Empire”, which is available on Netflix.

The series The Rise of an Ottoman Empire, consists of a total of 6 episodes that tell the story of the Ottoman Sultan Mohammed II and his campaign to seize the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople.

Trailer of the series The Rise of an Ottoman Empire, a drama similar to Vikings and The Last Kingdom

According to historical records, the Ottoman Empire dates back to the 11th century, a time when Turkish nomadic tribes came to establish their settlements in Anatolia for a long time.

As reported by the website onlineseries.com, on IMDb, the production scored 8/10 based on a review of 18,128 users. As for Rotten Tomatoes, the first season The Rise of an Ottoman Empire had a 90% audience rating.