If You Cheat, You Die, the new comedy


The winter season is gearing up for “If You Cheat, You Die,” a new Korean comedy and suspense drama. Korean entertainment continues with the development of new releases for the last months of the year. South Korea has not only created a musical offering with K-pop, it has also done so with cinema and dramas, which prepare many premieres for Halloween and winter, such as “If You Cheat, You Die “, a thriller full of mystery.

Through its official social networks, the Korean television network KBS revealed the first teaser for “If You Cheat, You Die”, its new drama, also revealed the premiere date of this story full of crime, love and comedy. Fans will be able to learn about the new story on December 2.

The main cast is made up of Korean actors Go Joon, Jo Yeo Jeong, Yeonwoo and Kim Young Dae, despite the restrictions due to the current health crisis, the production assured that they are working hard to create a great story, without neglecting the preventive measures. The cast has already met to read the script.


“If You Cheat, You Die” will narrate the life of a seemingly normal marriage. “Kang Yeo Joo” is a famous novelist, whose dark mind always comes up with ways to murder people, while her husband, “Han Woo Sung”, is a dedicated divorce lawyer.

Both keep a great secret, because before becoming husband and wife, “Woo Sung” made his partner sign an agreement that states that if he is unfaithful, he has every right to do what he wants with his body, even delete it. This element of the plot was the protagonist of the first teaser, the contract appears in a bag stained with blood and filed as evidence.

Until now, there are no more details about the drama, but it will portray the love that “Woo Sung” has for his wife, the comedy thriller will also address characters who do bad things and are charged with guilt, discover the mystery that this story holds during winter.


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