If you are missing notifications in iOS 14 try these tricks


It is a fact that operating systems are not perfect for output. Over time small patches and entire versions appear that improve compilation but this is not without errors. Some are more cumbersome than others and the case that we are going to tell you now has to do with one that has attracted more than one user. This is the case of iOS 14 notifications that do not appear on iPhone. If this is your case, keep reading as we teach you how to solve it.

How to fix the iOS 14 notifications problem

Notifications are an essential part of how your smartphone works. They are the notices that tell you what you have missed while you were not looking at your smartphone. By this we mean the updates that come to you in the form of messages, emails or news from the profiles you follow on your social networks.

As each application has its own, it is very rare that the terminal spends a long time in silence unless you activate the do not disturb mode, and this is why many users have realized that something was wrong with their iPhone. As we told you at the beginning of this article, and echoing what Piunikaweb has, there are users who do not receive notifications in iOS 14.

The media reports that there are all kinds of complaints and that there is no clear pattern. Some users say that notifications do not appear at all, others that they only appear while they are in the application and that when they exit they are disabled. So it follows that there is something wrong with the system and the bitten apple has to be fixed in an upcoming patch.

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How to fix the iOS 14 notifications problem
If you don’t see iOS 14 notifications, you may be wondering how you can get them back. It is obvious that you cannot get into an app all the time, so you have to explore other options. Of course, check the terminal options well, especially the section that disables device alerts. Nor should you neglect the section to show on the lock screen, which is accessed from the path Settings> Notifications> Messages.

Some also contribute to the CarPlay options, the function that allows you to use your terminal from the car’s navigator screen. Here you have to navigate the path Settings> Notifications> Messages and disable ‘Show in CarPlay.


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