If the Solo Loop doesn’t fit you, you won’t have to return it


A week ago we saw the last Apple conference that they did through a video of the most spectacular for their facilities. For many it brought a bittersweet sensation since great news was presented, but the jewel in the crown was missing: the iPhone 12. But the announcements were the most striking, as we say, and among them is the Apple Watch Series 6.

The Cupertino guys thought of taking an additional twist to revamp the watch design and the result was the Solo Loop bracelets. These adapt to the user’s wrist, but until now many thought that it was necessary to return the entire product if it did not fit well. It turns out that this will not be the case after all.

Keep your Apple Watch, your strap will be changed

The straps of a watch can be of many materials and colors. All of them can be adjusted to the person’s wrist thanks to the different spaces of the buckle, but if there is not enough there are two options: either metal links are removed or, on the contrary, one more hole is added whenever possible. But what if a strap just fits around your wrist like bracelets? Well, most likely you will have to return the product as with the Solo Loop of the Apple Watch Series 6.

And is that the firm stated at the time that if the strap was wide and you wanted to return it, you had to return the entire product in its entirety. But luckily this has changed in a very short time and that is that according to what the leaker Jon Posser publishes it is possible to change the Solo Loop of your new Apple Watch 6 without having to incorporate the terminal in the return.

It does not stop here. The bitten apple will not only take care of sending you the new strap with the correct size, it will also provide you with a traditional band so that you have a replacement and thus have the possibility of wearing the watch whenever and wherever you want. With this movement, Tim Cook’s company finds a way to make the user feel not only comfortable with the new strap that they have released for the Series 6 and Watch SE models that caught everyone by surprise. More than one may take advantage of this opportunity to have an extra strap, although for that you will have to give up the new one and ask for a smaller one.


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