If the latest James Bond rumors are true, it may explain why Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy may be missing.


The search for the next 007 agent to head the James Bond films continues to heat up, especially as the rumor mill allegedly begins to narrow the field. Rumor has it that there will be an actor around the age of 30 for the next Bond casting, so such favorites as Henry Cavill, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy may be out of business. If the latest rumor about the franchise turns out to be true, it may explain why this particular approach is being used.

Several big changes have been made in the hope that Agent 007 will be on the big screen for at least another 15 years, resulting in the series turning 75 in 2037. According to The Mirror, a deal was made between them. distributor of MGM and Warner Bros for the international distribution rights of the James Bond franchise. This partnership, which will begin with Bond 27, clearly needs a young Bond commander who can last there for a long time.

Another reason Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy may be missing is their own notoriety among other franchises. Bringing in a younger, less burdened actor could help producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson wants to return the James Bond series to the previous schedule of a new film every two years. This is exactly what some fans were hoping for in the post-Daniel Craig era.

Although Craig holds the record for the longest Bond story, he has only five 007 adventures to his credit. The gaps between his films, especially the record-breaking one between “Ghost” and “No Time to Die,” tended to make James Bond fans worry about the health of the franchise. If the next actor in a tuxedo really lasts 15 years with a more traditional release model, we may see the first actor to equal or break the record of seven Roger Moore-era James Bond films.

There is still time before the future of Agent 007 gains momentum, as Barbara Broccoli has planned the production of “Bond 26” for 2024. While some hoped the wheels would turn a little faster, at least it seems there is a clear long-term strategy. in the game. James Bond will be back, the only question is when and how; two questions that seem to come down to a concrete answer every day.

At the moment, the 60th anniversary of James Bond continues to be celebrated in all possible ways. Amazon Prime subscribers can take part in this entertainment themselves, as all the adventures of Agent 007, except one, are currently broadcast through the library of this platform. There are also several books that continue the literary tradition of the franchise, for example, “Double or Nothing” by author Kim Sherwood, whose release in the UK is scheduled for early September.


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