If Madrid Lose In Istanbul, Zidane Will Have The Hours – Somag News


Dangerous curves come for Zinedine Zidane. The French, disputed by certain sectors of Madrid, is in trouble. After the win of Atlético in summer and the bulky defeat of Paris, there has now been an unexpected defeat in Mallorca, to yield the leadership.

On Tuesday, in Istanbul, Real Madrid plays half a season, because falling would mean taking a shot in the foot and flirting with the possibility of being eliminated from the Champions League.

In the club there is concern about the progress of the team. As Goal has learned, the board is beginning to lose the great confidence it had in Zidane and there are some executives who believe that it has not ended up being a good decision to turn to French, because it has been months since they hit the “resuscitate” key team. They know that if they lose again, this time against Galatasaray, the season will be in danger. A victory would clear his horizon and Zidane’s, but if that doesn’t happen, the Frenchman could have the hours counted on the bench.

The dome of the white club is worried about the drift of the team. The problem is not mathematics, since Madrid still has options to move from the Champions League group to second place behind Barcelona, ​​but the sensations. They are not good for months. Zidane is not at all comfortable and the players are expecting an imminent reaction, because the club is played a lot and the situation is not for jokes. A misstep in the Champions League, the fetish competition of Madrid, would precipitate events.

In case of losing in Turkey, Zidane’s future would be dyed black. In the crisis cabinet, on the table there are already several names and one of them is not strange to Real Madrid: it is José Mourinho, which some managers see as ideal to shake the negative atmosphere that is enveloping Madrid in recent days. Madrid has only one way left in Turkey: win or win. To Zidane, of course, too. If you don’t, you will lose your mind.


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