“If I wanted to say something to Oribe


In the midst of the controversy that was generated in the National Classic between America and Chivas after the images in which Oribe Peralta is seen talking with his former teammates of the Eagles after the defeat, opinions of some and former players emerged, including Carlos Salcido .

The former player of the Flock manifested himself on Twitter and wrote a letter addressed to the footballers asking them to speak on the field and not on social networks, which was taken as a hint to the “Brush”, since his writing did just a few hours after Oribe justified his action.

After that, it was Salcido himself who clarified what happened and in an interview with TUDN he pointed out that it was not a hint.

“I have direct contact with him, I don’t need to post something on the networks. I am very direct, if I wanted to tell you something I would mark you and that’s it. That message that I put was in general and it seemed to me at that time, right to send that message, “said the former defenseman.

Salcido pointed out that the players had to wait to exchange shirts, since it is a practice that they make the tunnel and not in front of the cameras.

“I think they realized that there were no people in the stadium and it was easy for them to be like that. They did not take into account that there were cameras, when there are no people you lose track of it, but with people, all footballers do it in a tunnel, “he added.

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